Amazon Store Now Open

Update: Since publishing this post, I realized that the footer widget doesn’t work well. Instead, I set up our own Amazon store. This allows me to add more of our favorite items and categorize them. You are actually shopping through Amazon….just with a link that let’s them know we shared the product with our recommendation. Visit our store here

Polishing the blog tonight in preparation of a few exciting things to come. It seems each day brings more items on our adoption to-do list. While still juggling our jobs, we’ve done something each and every day this week. On Friday, we got a few more items notarized and had our blood taken for our doctor to complete the last (fingers crossed) medical form. In addition to the paperwork, we’re also finalizing plans for additional fundraisers. Unfortunately, we were not selected for a grant that we’d been very hopeful to receive for a few months. The news was disappointing but just instilled a greater clarity that we are meant to pursue different avenues in our journey to bring Eli home….we were meant to be more creative, to reach out to more people, and to work harder. He’s worth it….and then some.

I’ll launch a couple of more formal items in the coming days/weeks, but I’ve also added a widget to our footer with a few of our current Amazon favorites. We *love* children’s books around here. My child psych background paired with Hannah’s love of reading since birth means we analyze enjoy a large number of books. Each week or so, I’ll share some of our favorites in the footer below. Some are related to adoption, disability, emotions, self-regulation, and learning about the Chinese culture. Other books and toys are just for fun-those are important too! The widget should be a fun way to share recommendations while also earning a small commission if you decide to purchase by clicking on our links.

Interested in checking out our first installment? There’s everything from bugs to our favorite Llama books! Just scroll d-o-w-n to check out the Amazon widget in the footer.

We wish you a wonderful weekend and if you are from the Midwest, hope you, too, are enjoying the great thaw!