50 days-50 shirts



Today makes Day 50 of our wait for the Letter of Approval (LOA). The LOA is likely the most important adoption milestone to achieve because it means that China has reviewed our entire dossier. The wait for LOA varies….alot! Some people get approval in as little as 30-something days. Others wait more than 100! We are hoping to receive our LOA any day. 50 already feels like much too long. Once we receive LOA, the next stages seem to move much faster. Most people travel between 8 and 10 weeks after they receive LOA. IF we receive our LOA by the end of April, we’re hoping to travel some time in July.

Our sights are also set on another 50 and that’s reaching our goal of 50 t-shirts. Our campaign closes in just 4 days! If you’ve already ordered, thank-you so much. If you’ve shared our campaign, we also truly appreciate it! If you have any other networks or haven’t shared yet, please help us spread the word. We’re just THREE shirts away from 50!

Here’s the link to our Booster t-shirt campaign:  https://www.booster.com/ayersadoption