Two words we’ve been waiting to say!

Our flights are booked (all 3 of them!).

Hotels are reserved (also 3!).

We’re braving one train and with every step of this adventure planning, my mind returns to one conclusion:We can.not.wait. to meet our boy.

In the last few days, I’ve made his first doctor’s appointments, filled out school paperwork, and set up his afterschool arrangements for the three days that I work outside the home. We’ve made progress in packing and have stocked a small infirmary to take with us. We’re list-making maniacs! If it wasn’t enough to plan for our travels, we’ve also got Hannah’s plans for our trip finalized. She’ll be with a star-studded collection of aunts, Birdies, cousins, and loved ones. We hope she’ll barely notice we’re absent but we know that’s unlikely. We’re recording a few video snippets of messages for her to see us when we might be unable to Facetime (due to the need to sleep in China!). In the event you were plotting a ransack, we’ve also got the house covered-with armed guards and/or a diligent crew of house sitters. And we can’t forget about grumpy  sweet Obie Nugget. He’ll be under the care and supervision of Birdie (my mom).

It’s been a busy but miraculous few days. After nearly 10 rejections for adoption grants, we’d begun to strategize and regroup to determine the best way to finance the final portion of our adoption. From the start, we’ve expressed our belief that there are many, many families who can give a loving home to a child in need. Most families who can afford another child (including a child with a disability) need assistance to pay the large upfront costs of adoption. We often hear from people, “I’d love to adopt but it’s too expensive.” It is expensive and very very few people can afford adoption in its entirety. It’s a leap of faith and one that’s not intended for everyone. Our family though tends to find a way/make a way. Building our family has always demanded courage. We’ve swallowed our pride and focused on our faith in interdependence of a community to make a BIG difference…and the results have been amazing. We’ve been overcome by the support, generosity, and love that has been showered on our family. We are so very thankful. From individuals to large organizations-we have been blessed. After submitting applications months ago and following up for weeks (often daily), we’ve been approved for five adoption grants in the last week!

And finally…we can say the two words we’ve been waiting to say….We are….


By the end of next week, our adoption fees will be paid!

Our hearts are already so full and so ready to meet Eli and bring him home. It is an incredible gift that we can embark on this journey knowing that the financial portion of our adventure is fulfilled. We’ve worked hard. Our friends and families have worked hard and given so selflessly. I’ve kept Eli’s dignity and integrity at the forefront of my mind in each and every effort to fundraise. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and to celebrate-we’d like to share a video we’ve received of Eli celebrating!

Here’s Eli blowing out his birthday candles we sent to the orphanage. I love his smile in the very first, few seconds. I’ve watched it round abouts 7,000 times. See you soon Eli:)