China Day 1| Beijing

Waking up in China!

Our room was so nice but the jet lag is tricky. I woke up at 3:30 missing Hannah and WIDE awake. Adam was just as awake and we spent a couple of hours leaving funny WeChat’s. Thankful to our friends and family who helped us pass the time. WeChat is a free app. Add us if you’d like to chat!

So far we’ve managed arrangements and the language barrier fairly well. It’s helped that many in Beijing speak English. We met a taxi driver coming out of the airport yesterday. He had a van and knew we’d need it. He asked if he’d like us to comeback and pick us up this morning and just did! So far everyone has been really kind. There are some stares and it’s a little getting used to that fewer people smile back but we have that in the States too sometimes.

We are on our way back to the Beijing airport now for our flight to Zhengzhou. We’ve been told that THIS is where our accessibility challenges will ramp up so please send positive wheeler vibes our way.

Eli has just one more night as an orphan….

More to come on what was actually Day 2 for us but making sure this posts