Why the title “Roll You Home”? 

We are a unique family. Adam and I are little people. When our daughter was an infant, she was always more soothed by being rolled-not walked. While Eli won’t have the same experience she did (rolling in the womb and all!), we’re looking forward to sharing our deep connection with the disability community. It will take a team effort to bring Eli home and why walk when you can roll?

How did you find Eli?

Through the hard work of a few women and their families, Little People of America (LPA) gathers and posts pictures and profiles of children with dwarfism who are waiting for their families around the world. After making the decision to pursue adoption of a child with dwarfism, we connected to the LPA Adoption Facebook page and eventually found Eli’s picture and story.

What’s the name of your agency?

Feel free to email me at writekara@gmail.com for specific information about our agency. We’ve really appreciated the time and energy people have provided us in helping us learn the process and know what to expect. We plan to pay it forward and will start by sharing what we know along the way.




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