Fundraising Progress

International adoption is extremely expensive. Our adoption will cost around $25,000. This is a difficult number to say or even think about. We’ve worked hard to save, cut costs, and get creative to really get the process started on our own. Just as other acts of parenting can’t best be done alone, we need the support of our community to help us roll Eli home:)  We are humbled by the gracious offers of support from friends, family, loved ones, and organizations.

We’ll use this page to share updates on our progress because we are so grateful for the team effort underway to bring our son home. Additionally, we hope to overcome our own natural sense of privacy to bring a bit more transparency to the adoption process-especially related to adopting children with dwarfism and adopting as parents with disabilities. There shouldn’t be a stigma associated with asking for help to better a life. We’d explored and researched the possibilities of support, like grants and fundraising, for years but hadn’t learned nearly as much as we have in the last couple of months-when we finally took the plunge!

Join our journey. Leave us a comment.

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