We’re Adopting!

The Ayers family is proud to announce that we are in the process of adopting. Adam and I have both contemplated adoption for most of our lives and we’re excited to take the plunge into expanding our family and adding another bright light to the disability community.

We’ve decided to blog about our journey for a few reasons:

  • To share our perspective as adoptive parents with disabilities
  • To celebrate the opportunities the disability community can provide for children
  • To increase awareness of the many children with disabilities available for adoption
  • To be open and honest about the process in an effort to decrease stigma and finally….

because we need your help. In our 30-some-odd years, Adam and I have lived a life full of adventure and triumphs that few people probably expected. This journey is perhaps our largest leap of faith yet…There are still many unanswered questions and no one can really predict what our unique family can expect. We need your help on the practical level of raising funds to offer a child a future and also on the emotional level, we would be so appreciative of your support, cheers, and good wishes. We’ll need them!

We wish we could share all of the details about our hopeful new addition but will respect international wishes for privacy. As we proceed, we’ll be open with how you can do the same in a joint effort to avoid anything that could disrupt our adoption. We can share this: We are working hard to bring a boy with achondroplasia home from China as our son. As we move further in the process, we’ll be able to share more openly. For now, we hope you’ll join us at the start of this journey.