And now introducing…

On Thursday, we received pre-approval (PA). This is an important early step in adoption and it means that we’re cleared to share our little guy’s picture! It’s difficult to describe the growing connection that we feel to this little face and it was an incredible gift to get this new and updated picture shortly after we locked his file. Without further delay, we’d like to introduce you to Eli, our son.

Besides being beyond adorable, we’ve fallen in love with what we’ve read about Eli’s personality. He’s energetic and animated. He likes to sing and dance. He really enjoys his “congee” for breakfast, which is something that we clearly need to learn more about! He soothes other children who are crying and is described as brave during his medical check-ups. We are so thankful for the people in China that are taking care of Eli now and have been for the last several years. At the same time, we’re very anxious to get him home. We’re looking forward to sharing the next steps in his journey here with you all. For now, enjoy this cuteness:)