3, 2, 1…..TODAY we go to China!

*TODAY* we leave for China!

Despite the months, weeks, and days of prepping, pre-packing, and list-making, somehow I once again managed my all-night pack-a-thon. It seems to never fail with me! On a bright note, it usually helps me sleep on the plane.

I think we are finally completely packed. It was not without one minor hiccup. To make a long and rather sad story short, I forgot to pick up my alterations before they closed….which included e.v.e.r.y pair of pants I’d planned to wear on the trip. Perhaps this was some suggestion or reminder that now that there will be THREE little people in our house, I really should probably learn to hem. I am, however, thankful that none of the Menchie’s yogurt patrons next to the alterations shop called the police as I banged on the door….17 minutes after they were closed:( I’m sure the yogurt-eaters were wondering why in the world someone could need their alterations so urgently! Well…..when kids, juniors, petites, or women’s don’t fit exactly right….it’s urgent! I recognized it was definitely a first-world problem, sucked it up, and went to Khol’s for some pants that fit and I can chop them off or fold them up if they are too long. If my coping skills weren’t already challenged, the cashier (who informed me 5 times it was her first day) who checked me out folded said pants and put them in their own bag….but not the one she gave me with my other items. Fearing I may commit a crime before our departure, Adam retrieved them for me. Let’s hope that is our first, last, and only hurdle of the trip!

For our flights, we’re headed to Chicago and then Beijing. We’ll spend one night there and then head to Zhengzhou on Sunday in preparation of meeting our Eli Monday!

Thanks to all who have sent messages of good luck, positive thoughts, and prayers. We can feel them and truly appreciate the support. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am a tad terrified but this will be an adventure of a lifetime and more than worth it to roll our boy home.

In closing, I’ll share the very first picture we saw of Eli. I can’t wait to share his “after” picture once he’s experienced love, family, home, a ninja sister, and a grumpy bulldog in just a few weeks.

We’re almost there…